Is restic dying?

I really like restic, it has all the right features for me:

  • static binary
  • encrypted backup
  • de-duplication
  • verification

However, the last commit was July 29. This concerns me, as it seems the primary author does not have much time to spend on it and has not opened the project enough to allow others to produce commits.

I mention this, especially after seeing posts like this:

The person who posted the above seems to be an active forum member.

Is restic in the process of dying or is this just a temporary state because of some particular situation?

I know that the primary author has been moving to a new house:

Hopefully development will pick back up soon.

I see.

I would suggest following Linus Torvalds suggestions for open source: don’t be afraid to trust others.

Thank you for this great project, I do hope the primary author has the courage to trust others with the project when he needs to be away. There seem to be several capable people here.

Heh, thanks for your concern! I’m well and will hopefully have more time for restic soon. I’m regularly reading issues and the forum, so I’m not too far away.

There are several persons with commit access to the restic repo, I’m not worried about that :slight_smile:


Great, this is a good sign. Appreciate you making the project open so that others can contribute. Thanks!

Perhaps they need a little nudge letting them know it’s okay to merge PRs in your absence :smile: Thanks for your great work!

I admit, as one with commit access, that I have not been very attentive to the PRs lately. My full-time job (I am grateful to have one) has a lot of pressure right now to get a lot done, so I’m doing my best on that. I hope I can return to this on the nights or weekends soon, though!


@matt , Thanks! I am very glad you are looking forward to resume work on restic soon! Appreciate your commitment and your humility to post about it.