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Taking a look at the repo, it looks like there have been ~80 commits since 0.9.3 back in October. We run a distributed environment and are looking to upgrade, but some of the recent changes look really helpful.

Any word on when we might expect 0.9.4?

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask a question like this. I tried to search for similar requests, but I may have missed something.


While not an answer to your question, you can get the latest build from if you want.

November/December were very busy for me, I hope to find some time around Christmas to do a new release, maybe get a few more of the outstanding pull requests merged before that. :slight_smile:



That’s great to hear. Excited to test out the recent improvements.

There, done :slight_smile:


Reusing this thread; important bug fixes are in the tree, but have not been released.

Unless there is some big feature that needs to be merged and immediately released (a bad idea in itself), may I suggest a new release?

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Which one bothers you the most? The unreleased user-visible changes are listed here:

The main blocker is that I don’t have much time right now (I’m moving in a few weeks).

I’m looking at:

I disagree those 2 issues are as critical as implied in this thread, however I keep remembering that there are unreleased fixes in the tree that can cause updates (in metadata, or actual data) not to be picked up - which I don’t like despite being aware that my setup most likely won’t be affected (I don’t change permissions that often and I sincerely hope my applications don’t do dirty mtime hacks).

Personally I don’t mind running beta releases, I just feel like those two bugs would justify a release considering they are in the tree for nearly 4 months and that they could have medium impact for certain users.

Also, considering your limited time I think it’s unlikely that there will be interesting stuff committed to master in the next 2 months, so realistically if we wait for major features or additional bug fixes to justify a release, we are probably talking about a release in November/December.

It’s true though, other than those 2 issue I don’t see a lot of reason to release.

Like I said, I’m fine running beta, I did want to bring this up though.

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