Wasabi access after upgrade 0.11 -> 0.15.1

I have just upgraded my restic client. I have not upgraded my repository yet. I use Wasabi S3 as my backend.

  1. It seems that AWS_ACCESS_KEY has been changed to AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID. I could not find this in any of the release notes with a quick search. Without adjusting my environment variables, I would get the following error:

Fatal: unable to open S3 backend: Key ID ($AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID) is empty

  1. After setting AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID to what I had as AWS_ACCESS_KEY, I now am getting:

Fatal: unable to open config file: Stat: 301 Moved Permanently
Is there a repository at the following location?

If found that by not specifying the region in the repository URL (i.e. s3.wasabisys.com) it returned to working.

I searched through the release notes for S3 and WASABI and found no applicable change log entries. I mention it here in case anyone else runs into this type of situation. Should I file a but that it is not processing the 301 automatically?

Regarding the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, I allways used that. As long as I am using restic (some years) It was also always like this in the documentation. I even looked at machines where I configured restic 3 years ago and even there I used AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID. So I am not aware if AWS_ACCESS_KEY ever worked.

Regarding the region - yeah that seems to be true. You have to use the correct region now. I did a thread about that some time ago:

I have no idea why I did not have the _ID, but I didn’t and it had been working for some time.

As for the region, the irony to me is that I was specifying the correct regional host, and now I’m having to specify a generic region-free host.

Neither one of them turned out to be dead breaker.