Restic 0.14.0 with s3 not following "301 moved permanently" anymore

It’s not a big deal but just to tell - I noticed the following:

Sometimes I mix up my wasabi bucket hostnames. So like “” it may happened that I used “” in my config files.

This was never a problem since wasabi sends out a “301 moved permanently” in this case. So I never even noticed that I used a wrong hostname on some of my systems.

With 0.14.0 this has changed. It seems that restic is not following the 301 anymore. Now in this case I just get

Fatal: unable to open config file: Stat: 301 Moved Permanently
Is there a repository at the following location?

Tested again with restic versions before 0.14.0 - works.

Is there some reason that this behaviour changed?

We haven’t changed something in that regard in restic. So this must either be somehow caused by updating the minio-go library (I don’t see anything obvious there which explain that change in behavior) or by updating to Go 1.19.

It might be related to this change in Go 1.19

The HTTP client will handle a 3xx response without a Location header by returning it to the caller, rather than treating it as an error.

Judging from the associated github issue net/http: can't read 301 response without a Location header · Issue #49281 · golang/go · GitHub , this could be that cause of this behavior change.

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