Using Wasabi for offsite backups with Restic

Today I was looking a B2 and noticed Wasabi

Wasabi is a S3 clone and is cheaper than B2 if I am understanding the details correctly. ($0.0039/G/mo vs $0.005/G/mo)

I just signed up for the 1TB trial account and created a sample backup. It seemed to work just fine.

The download price is double B2 at $0.04/G vs $0.02/G. That mostly impacts restores, but I guess ‘restic check’ would download all the data as well.

Anyway, it is another option for cheap offsite backups.

Somehow I didn’t notice “1 TB minimum usage” on the pricing page. That makes it a lot less appealing.
(to me at least)

Thanks for posting the update here, I can imagine that other people may also overlook that requirement.

They have a free egress plan at $0.0049/GB/mo as well.

I’m not sure if 1TB minimum requirement makes it any less appealing as you’re talking about whether you want to pay $1 or $3.99 because you might have less space requirement than 1TB?

Besides, they have no other charges whatsoever even for API usage, which makes it very comfortable that you won’t be charged any extra however you use it and additional spaces are so cheap if not the cheapest out of competitors.

And according to this research,
the performance is one of the best around.

The only downside is that backup is all about reliability and it’s a new service and no one knows if it’ll stay around for the next 10 years providing a competing service.

I just noticed they have another limitation which seems more concerning.

7 … objects stored on Wasabi incur a minimum 90-day storage charge and then daily thereafter

This makes it a bit complicated on how much you’re getting charged for what you put there when you keep incrementally overwriting new data little by little.

Also check section 9 on how overwritten files are handled which is inefficient from price point of view but if you aren’t going to store near a TB, it probably doesn’t matter. I assume, with block level incremental update, the impact of this would be much smaller than overwriting a whole file.

For backups with restic, I don’t think the 90-day minimum storage charge is a problem, since restic never overwrites files, and rarely needs to delete data files (only forget + prune).

You know, interesting enough I thought a while ago to go with Their plans starts at $0.04 per GB but I was looking for special offer they made for Attic and Borg users. I’ve used Borg but I like restic better. At the beginning I was like “why restic doesn’t have compression like Borg?”, but doing some testing with both programs and the same amount of data I’ve noticed that you really don’t gain too much from compression; deduplication already take care of consuming less space. I settled for restic. It’s just simple and I like the way snapshots are stored including the latest one; in Borg you have to do it all manually including the snapshots names.

Anyways, what I find interesting about the Attic/Borg plan in rsync is that restic works just the same way those programs works. If they do have an Attic/Borg offer because you’re the one doing the retention and versioning through restic, why not try to talk with them to include restic in that offer? I think it’s a really great offer because it’s just 2 cents per GB with a minimum of 40GB paid annually and all transfer/bandwidth/usage is free. Plus is an ssh connection so you don’t have to depend on rclone anymore. I already ask someone from and I’m waiting for an answer (if they answer). Maybe someone from the restic team could approach to them to see if there is a chance to include restic in that offer. I don’t really know if this is to much to ask but hey, asking haven’t killed anyone yet! (I think…)

I have backed up around 40GB this month on B2 using restic. Even considering that I will have to pay for some transactions (I think due to restic check) I will be charged in the order of 0.2€-0.4€ after the first month.

That’s an order of magnitude less than what I would have to pay if I used Wasabi. The 1 TB minimum on the pricing makes a big difference for me.

So… I don’t know how good compared with other services this is but I talked via email with a person from and the person who talked to me told me to try their borg offer and make a test to see if it works with restic (I assume they didn’t know about restic because he asked me if it need a server side installation and asked me to do a test when I told him that a server side installation was not required; I explained him that restic is like borg). It worked great. No problem, my 6GiB took about 2 hours to complete the backup. Using my script for snapshots that includes the backup, check, forget and prune after the first backup took about 29 minutes; the backup itself just took like 30 seconds (changes were about 431 KiB). So, it is definitely faster than using Google Drive and Rclone (that was my storage before).

Their plans for borg are $0.02 per GiB and they doesn’t charge for upload/download; just the plain storage. So I acquired 40GiB (more than enough for me right now) for $9.60/year. I’m not related to their services whatsoever, just so you know. I just comment here this other option because I think it is another solution that maybe someone may consider. Here’s a link for their special offer (they doesn’t give me anything for this, BTW):

Just signup for Borg and when you have your server link for the service start a repo with restic via sftp. That’s it. The cool thing is that I’ve created two keys for two laptops and can backup the two of them in the same account. In their page they explain how to do it.

Again, I don’t gain anything from this and I’m not affiliated with them but looking at other offers they seem very competitive with this one and for what I’ve seen their service is good and they responded in a couple of hours. I mean, Wasabi is great if you want the 1TB minimum but if you’re short in money and you just want a couple of GiB for backups, this could be cheaper.

Interesting that it worked for you, AFAIR sftp is blocked for their borg offer and as I tried to use restic with my I always got a “connection closed” from their server.

Hm, can you try calling the sftp subsystem manually? e.g. do ssh -v user@host -s sftp

Unfortunately I’ve cancelled my account, so I cannot test it any more.

I was testing yesterday and It worked without any problems when doing the backup manually. I’ve tested with two different laptops and the both of them worked. I created a passwordless key for each computer and cron jobs for a script I’ve been modifying from time to time. I did a test with both computers backing up at the same time and it worked. I was having problems with just one of the computers when running the script though the cron job but it was my fault (I think), because I created a new key just for and apparently I needed to use the id_rsa one in order to function with the cronjob; I don’t get that but when I did that it worked.

This was my error, if any of you are interested:

subprocess ssh: Permission denied, please try again.
subprocess ssh: Received disconnect from port 22:2: Too many authentication failures
subprocess ssh: Disconnected from port 22
Fatal: unable to open repo at unable to start the sftp session, error: EOF

You’re right about the price if you have less than 250 GB, which charges $60 compared to ($4,99 x 12) at Wasabi ?

Over 250 GB, Wasabi is still at $60 till 1TB while is
$ 72 for 300 GB
$120 for 500 GB
$ 245 for 1024 GB.

No ?

Yes @Vartkat, you know your math… but my point is not that Wasabi is cheaper for 1TB than most services, is that if you need LESS than 1TB you’re better with another service. Wasabi, as a Wasabi PM said on this reddit thread, “is designed for long term large data storage”. That was 11 months ago and I think they’re still the same. The same guy advise to use Blackblaze instead of Wasabi because of that same reason.

All I’m saying is that if you don’t really need 1TB of data you can save some money using another service like, blackblaze or whatever you want to use. I mean… if, for example, you have just like 50GB of data, why pay $60 for 1TB if you can pay $24 for 100GB, which double your amount of actual data? You save $36. Of course, in the long run maybe your repo will increase in size but that’s another story. For personal use, I have like 10GB that I REALLY NEED to make sure is somewhere besides my external drive just to make sure I have a second plan in case my external hard drive dies. So, why should I pay more that what I need? I just can buy a second external HDD and sync my main HDD with a new one. I do have a lot of more data but I use offsite backups for just the stuff I really need for work, which is not a lot in size but it is for sure a lot of small files, documents, etc. Anyways, anyone have the right to decide to use whatever they want. If you’re happy with Wasabi, be happy, man.

Thanks for all the extensive comments, I think we now have enough information how Wasabi works and what it costs. :slight_smile:

I’ve received an email from John, the CEO of, and they now have a special discount just for restic:

The signup link is here:

It seems to be basically the same offer as for attic/borg: half the price, no technical support and no revisions. Please post something here if you try it!


I’ve been using since August and couldn’t be more happier. They don’t offer support but if you email them you’ll get an answer quickly. The only problem I had was the connection to the server they assigned to me but after writing them they provided me a new hostname and since then is faster than before. My repo is pretty small because I only have 15GB of data stored (that is just the data I need to reconstruct everything; documents and a couple of .iso files to start new virtual machines). Tasks like check could take a couple of minutes; the most expensive in time is prune and it could take just like an hour. I run forget, check and prune weekly. The price is great for me, like $10.00 for a year. It is really a good service.

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FYI, it was your inquiry that made them aware of restic, the email I got specifically mentioned this thread :slight_smile:

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Nice to know! Restic is awesome, thanks for your great work.

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