Restic fusemount to external SMB share

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Samba shared restic mount - Getting Help - restic forum
i have found this thread similar to my issue link above this sentence, but mount --no-lock didnt do the trick i think its more of an permission issue I THINK. I am trying to do what was there explained but rather in reverse mode.

Instead of serving SAMBA server and fusemount restic snapshot into it from linux machine where restic runs do rather reverse mode where lets say windows server creates samba share which i mount in linux and then fusemount snapshot into that share.

In windows server machine i can see my fusemount folder but inside it its EMPTY, but inside linux i can see all data.
I am mounting that smb share on linux machine as domain global administrator so i know that permission issue cant be coming from windows server as I am using highest privileges administrator.

I am running restic as a root (inside linux img container with fuse,cifs,nfs and nesting features enabled inside proxmox hypervisor otherwise it wouldnt work.)

Is there something I am missing?

Your setup seems to be that the windows server has a Samba volume that is mounted on the Linux client. On the Linux client you use restic to mount a repository somewhere within that samba share. However, only the linux machine is able to access the repository but not other server/client?

This behavior is expected as the mountpoint only exists locally at the linux machine. The Windows Server does not know at all that there is a mountpoint. Even if it did, the Samba server would suddenly have to start asking a client for data within the volume, which doesn’t fit into the Client-Server structure of Samba. So this setup can never work.

To allow others to access the restic mountpoint you’d have to mount the repository into some directory and then use a samba server on the machine to share that directory. That way accesses to the directory are processed by the server which also knows about the mounted repository.

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