Samba shared restic mount

I am successfully backing up around 2Tb of data from one file server to another one.
I have an hourly backup setup in office hours, daily run overnight of restic forget and restic check, weekly run of restic prune.

Now, I am looking for options to make backed up files available to the office (windows) clients without my intervention; my original idea was to expose via samba the restic mount point so the users could browse the snapshots and check out the needed file(s).

However, it seems once the restic repository is mounted the lock prevents me from running the forget/check/prune operations. Is there something I could do to fix this?

This was probably a fool idea to begin with, so I’m all open to suggestions for alternative ways to let the client users access their files when needed :smiley:

In principle there’s the --no-lock option for the mount command. That should work relatively well when using in parallel to forget and check operations. But I’d expect it to fail in strange/random ways when prune is run concurrently.