Restatic gui for restic?

Is the Restatic program, i.e. GUI for Restic, still being developed and is it possible to use the github version safely ?

This is still under heavy developement and currently unusable !!! It’s a fork of Vorta.

After reading this on Github, I wouldn’t use it.

Is this still under active development? · Issue #8 · Mebus/restatic · GitHub According to this issue the project seems dead. The last commit (update) to the project was September 2020.

OK thank you for the information !
it’s a pity the project is dead … not everyone likes working with restic in the terminal :frowning:

Hey @kris777

I’m a little late to the party, but you could also take a look at Relica. It’s a cross-platform UI for restic. It was developed by @matt Matt Holt, author of Caddy Web server, CertMagic and more.

There’s a good explainer already posted:

I found a program that works fine with restic and sftp uploading backup to the server
Jarg :
An additional ssh password entry program needs to be installed in the system
sudo apt install ssh-askpass
And run the program itself with the –no-sandbox option
/file_path/Jarg.0.2.0.AppImage --no-sandbox
[Release 0.2.0Beta · rgwch/jarg · GitHub]
LinuxMint21 / Ubuntu 22.04