Progress bar for restore

There does not seem to be a progress bar for restore. I searched and there are pull requests on GitHub on this.

Has a progress bar been coded since?

It’s a useful feature. Right now no information is printed other than one line.

It doesn’t have to be precise. Some rough values would be good.

Right now I have to calculate the sizes manually.

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It’s a valid request, but in the meantime what I do is “restic stats (snapshot ID)”, then “restic restore (snapshot ID) -t /some/path” then in another tmux pane / window, run “watch -n 300 'du -d 0 -h /some/path”

If you’re on a Mac, and you want it to be slightly more accurate, you can install GNU coreutils (brew install coreutils) then run “watch -n 300 'gdu -d 0 --si” in order to use SI units like Restic does (GiB instead of GB).

Don’t have it refresh too much (the -n 300 part) as it may cause excessive disk thrashing and slow down the process. :slight_smile:

Nice use of watch!

I could grep the size and divide by total expected size returned by restic stats. This prints size and percentage.

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I’ve been going to the target restore on the linux server with du -sh command.
But it would be helpful to get a progress bar just like when backup and --verbose.