Does restore continue if I stop it?


I have searched through documentation and the forums but I couldn’t get a good answer. I am restoring a snapshot (around 600GB) and I am almost half way.

If I stop the process now and run the command later, will restore omit the files that have already been restored? The restore files will not change of course during that time.

And what is the best way to stop the restore process? Is a ctrl+c safe or will it corrupt any data?

Thank you

Have a look at Progress bar for restore - #8 by HenrikBengtsson

Thanks for the answer. That guy was restoring a single file so I can understand that the file restore will start from the beginning in case of a stop.

But in my case I am restoring a lot of smaller files (thousands), will it have to restore all those files from the beginning since the restored files will exist in the target path with the same checksums and date attributes?

There is no resuming restore in restic and restic is also not able to handle existing files in the restore destination. If you want this, I recommend to use rustic (disclaimer: I’m the author of rustic).