Make sure an error message can be seen by the user

Continuing the discussion from Error on files restore: UtimesNano: no such file or directory:

As mentioned in the linked topic, I had the issue of being unable to restore a snapshot. The problem was as easy to solve as it was dumb: I have not had writing permissions.

My problem was that I did not found the real issue. That was caused my the effect, that after the error message ignoring error for /home/myUser/Daten/myFiles: mkdir /mnt/TestMountPoint/home: permission denied was printed for all 400000 files, a consequential error message (see linked topic) was printed out to the shell, also for every file. This resulted in the original messages being completely dumped from shell and letting me search in the wrong direction.

Therefor I would suggest to either

  • check writing permissions in the beginning of the restore operation and cancel if it is insufficient (would solve specific problem) or
  • print all types of errors having occurred during operation at the end again (which would probably also solve similar issues).

By the way: That behavior seems independent from specifying -v option as per my test.

Thanks for providing that great piece of software! Kind regards.