If i init a specific folder, restic includes the parent paths as well

if i init for example the following path → /home/stuff/videos , i only want to create a repo of the ‘videos’ folder, but when i look at the repo it initializes, it will have the full structure of /home/stuff/videos, NOT just ‘videos’ folder as i would expect.

How can i get just the videos folder without all the other parent folders as well.

Thanks for any advice.

i solved the issue. I was using wrong syntax. Can close this.

Could you clarify your question a little? What are the specific series of commands you’re running, and what do you expect to achieve from each of them?

The initialization of a repo (using the init command) is independent of any source path, it just initializes the repository. Only when using backup restic will work on a given path/directory.

As Nev mentioned, it would help if you could post the commands you’re using.