How to find large files

My last snapshot took pretty long. How do I get a list of the largest files in it? Maybe I forgot to exclude something.

There are many ways to do that and it depends on the OS you’re using. On Linux and macOS I recommend a tool called ncdu. Install that, mount the restic repo and explore what’s in it. For instance:
restic -r restic-repo/ mount /mnt
ncdu /mnt/hosts/hostname/latest/

This will also work with the path you initially backed up:
ncdu /home/name/

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If you cannot mount your repo, you can try restic ls -l latest and sort the output.

If you however only want to see what was really added by the last snapshot, find out the IDs of the latest snapshot and the one before (using restic snapshots) and run restic diff with both IDs.

There are a couple of methods shown in this post:

Mounting would allow me to use my usual tools, but unfortunately is no longer practical on macOS.

restic ls -l latest | sort -rnk 4 | head worked fine.