Google Cloud Storage - change default region to EU

Hi, if I create a new repo with GCS then the default location of the bucket is US and multi region.

How can I change this to EU and regional ?

Thanks for any hint.

Hi @rbole, welcome to the forum and to the (apparently) small club of people trying to use restic on GCS: it seems that, at least here on the forum, it’s just you and me :slight_smile:

Would love to help you out, but I’m still struggling with setting up restic with GCS – you seem to be far ahead of me :-/

Hi @durval, I found a way to use region EU or other bucket settings. Here is a short overview. I can write a short tutorial if needed as well.

  1. create your bucket direct with gsutil or with the web interface, there you can do all the settings you need
  2. create the restic repo local on your machine
  3. copy the local restic repo with gsutil into your new created bucket
  4. to do a restic backup or use more restic operations you need a google service account with the object admin right, check the docs for more info about the proper access right you need.
  5. You have to export 2 env vars, also check to doc, is written there.

I think restic is perfect for GCS, it solves some backup problems for me. Currently I write a short go program that verify if a snapshot is done and then send a message to a matrix server, this is for my special usecase, but backup verification is important for me.

Hello @rbole,

Thanks for your post! Lots of information on your summary – will certainly be useful when I again try to use restic with GCS.

If you can, please consider posting the short tutorial you mentioned – it would be even more useful, for me and other interested parties.

– Durval.