Anyone using Google Cloud Storage with restic?

Hello everyone,

As mentioned here, I’m planning on provisioning a Google Cloud server with enough Google Cloud Storage connected to it to (a) copy my current restic repo (which resides in Google Drive) to the presumably faster/more stable Google Cloud Storage, then (b) run restic forget for all the snapshots I can discard plus restic prune on it, then copying the repo back to Google Drive, then shutting everything down.

My rationale is that the few hours (or so I hope) that it would take for such an operation would be reasonably cheap, and (apart from running it in local storage, which is not really feasible in my case) would offer the best possible speed.

So, is anyone using Google Cloud Storage here? Any tips, configuration info, performance data (ie, how much TB/hour do you manage in your prunes, etc) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
– Durval.

No answer… :-/ Am I correct to deduce this is due to there being none, or very few, people using restic with Google Cloud Storage?

AFAIK Google Cloud storage caused a lot of trouble and issues… hence ppl don’t use it

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@moritzdietz, thanks for the info. And GCS is paid, expensive storage :frowning: So much for the theory that paid/expensive things are always better :-/

Do you perchance have any pointers for that trouble, or hints where I can find some reports? I would really like to show it to some guys here who have been pushing for GCS…