Fatal: packs from index missing in repo

I’m randomly having this kind of error in our restic backups:

The index references XXXXX needed pack files which are missing from the repository:
Fatal: packs from index missing in repo

Does it mean that the repository is somehow corrupted?
Would a “rebuild index” fix this issue?

Why this sometimes happens and sometimes not in the same repository?

Thanks for your help

Hello again.
To be more specific: this error happens during the forget/prune phase.

Please check this out: Recover from broken pack file · Issue #828 · restic/restic · GitHub – there’s a lot of information in there!

Judging from the background story in Very slow restic prune , my guess would be that the S3 bucket listing is incomplete from time to time. So, a quite likely explanation is that the list of pack files which prune gets in incomplete and hence the missing file errors. As far as I remember, minio has options to ensure a consistent file listing or maybe you’re encountering some timeout.

Is there any structure visible in the pack file names reported as missing?

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