Assistance installing restic

Hello. i am new here and i so sorry about my english…

I have one doubt about the installation of restic from this url

how can i install the restic in linux with this file restic_v0.9.5-46-g604b18aa_linux_arm64?


One way to do it would be to make it chmod 755 and move it to /usr/local/bin/restic.

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i did this, but… -su: ./restic: cannot execute binary file: Erro no formato exec.

OBS: i did the installation restic 0.8.3 with apt-get and i need to upgrade it. The command self-update doesn’t work in this version…

If I’m understanding this correctly (I do not speak Portuguese), this means the binary is the wrong architecture. I notice in your message that you are speaking of the arm64 build; are you sure that you shouldn’t be using amd64?

Hey @germano maybe you can paste the output of the command uname -a.
Then we can see which binary you need.

Hello guys… i solved the problem…

OBS: i commited a mistake when i downloaded the file.

Awesome. Glad you can now use restic :slight_smile: