Windows - `restic` does not back up metadata associated with files

i can see that on windows restic is not backing following metadata:

  • file ownership and ACLs on Windows
  • the “hidden” flag on Windows

is there some specific reason behind it? Is it possible that i can mess backup? Just wondering if tools like Acronis TrueImage do backup these attributes.

Any idea?


is there some specific reason behind it?

My guess would be that it just hasn’t been implemented due to lack of demand? I couldn’t find any PRs/Issues for an implementation when searching (although I found a few for documentation).

Is it possible that i can mess backup?

I think that depends on your definition of mess. It simply means those attributes won’t be restored. If that’s a problem or not depends on your use case.

You can try this PR.

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@dron what do u mean by try PR? I can see that both of these are open, ie still under development? I read the discussion but confused…


You can download GIT, GO and after running these commands use new restic.exe:

git clone
cd restic
git fetch origin pull/3622/head:win-attrs
git merge win-attrs
go run build.go
move restic.exe ..

got it, but is that stable and is there a plan that 3622 will be merged to the main branch?