[Windows] Questions about Task Scheduler and .bat file

Hi, I got 2 questions,

1) When I manually ran my scheduled task to run the .bat file to auto upload from Restic to Backblaze, I noticed this “0x3” as the last operation result. What does that mean?

2) How can I have my CMD window persist after Restic finishes it’s backup? My .bat file currently looks like this:

call "C:\Users\Restic Variables.cmd"
restic backup --files-from="C:\Users\Include.txt"

Usually when I run this .bat file, the window closes at the end. I’d like to see the results at the end.



Exit status is 3 if some source data could not be read (incomplete snapshot created).

call "C:\Users\Restic Variables.cmd"
restic backup --files-from="C:\Users\Include.txt"

Are there any reliable ways of avoiding this? Can I automate running the .bat file as admin?

have to figure out the reason for the error.
do you get the error on the command line, using task scheduler or when?

can use a restic log file, could use --verbose

Unless you show us the exact error message it is hard to say how you can avoid that error, as there are multiple reasons that can cause files to be not readable.