Windows PowerShell, unable to see any sort of progress report in real time

Very new to restic and a total noob with PowerShell as well. I have been trying for the last 2 days to get a working Restic script that is simple enough for me to understand. For this I started using GitHub - kmwoley/restic-windows-backup: Powershell scripts to run Restic backups on Windows which is awesome but too complex for me to know everything that is doing. So I simplifed it and now Restic is launched like this:

& $ResticExe --verbose backup $folder_list_D --use-fs-snapshot --tag $tag_D --exclude-file=$WindowsExcludeFile --exclude-file=$LocalExcludeFile *>&1 | Tee-Object -FilePath $logfile -Append

My preference is to be able to see in the PowerShell terminal, as much information of what is going on as possibe. However all I get is this:

PS C:\Restic> .\backup.ps1
open repository
lock repository
no parent snapshot found, will read all files
load index files
start scan on [D:\folder1 D:\folder2]
start backup on [D:\folder1 D:\folder2]
creating VSS snapshot for [d:\]
successfully created snapshot for [d:\]
scan finished in 11.993s: 10127 files, 23.547 GiB

Then it will start the upload process which can be hours, during all that time nothing will be shown. Is there a way to see, in the terminal in real-time, what progress is being done with the uploading? with the --verbose paramater I expected to see even what files are being processed. I can’t even see if it is working on D:\folder1 or D:\folder2

@diegopau i have also seen different behaviour between CMD and Powershell.

I use CMD for restic backups in the Task Scheduler.
For manual restic operations on the commandline i use Microsoft Windows Terminal :

For me Terminal has nice features like tabs, splits, dynamic font scaling and works great with Restic. :slight_smile:

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Did you try --verbose=2?

Besides that the progress bar is only shown, when the output is a terminal. Continuously writing the progress bar into a log file isn’t that useful.

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@MichaelEischer thank you! this is what I was looking for, it outputs the information of what is doing with each file. It is clearly something not for using always, since it creates long log files but its good to see sometimes what exactly Restic is doing during the backup process.