[ Windows ] manage log?

Hello everyone, forgive me for perhaps asking a basic question.
You perform backups of a Windows server with the destination set to S3 using Task Manager.
What is the correct way to manage the response to the backup result (completed, failed, some files not copied: which ones and why)?
I am used to backup software that, in case of errors, sends you log files via email with the list of files not copied.

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Hello, I was working on the same topic from a few weeks now.

Please check my activity:

for the other threads

I hope you find useful info about the scripts and hooks

Also I’m testing this:

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The idea is good, but it doesn’t work, and the project seems abandoned.
It creates the compatible S3 repository, but the backup has always been waiting for a connection to the repository (01.cloudstorage.reevo.it).
[[Internet]] Waiting for connection to repository (01.cloudstorage.reevo.it)

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You might like Healthchecks.io. It’s free for up to 20 checks and it’s another nice open source project so you can host it yourself if you’d like.

If you include your logs with your pings you’ll be able to view them in the dashboard.

I’m not sure how you’d do it with just plain PowerShell but runitor would make it pretty easy. You’d just change your restic backup ... to runitor -uuid YOUR_HEALTHCHECKS_UUID_HERE -- restic backup ....


Thanks for the update Enrico.

I also did tests with other tools and in the end I continue with restic + scripts

New info for me. Thanks @dsissitka

Hello @dsissitka in the documentation there are no examples with Windows.

If I use a backup of the type:
restic -r rclone:backup:..... (All the rest) > report.txt

How can I include that text file “report.txt” on the Ping URL of healthchecks?

In case it helps someone else:

$Body = foreach($line in Get-Content report.txt) {
    if($line -match $regex){
        # Work here
	$line + "`r`n"

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri https://hc-ping.com/MyIDHere -Method Post -Body $Body