Windows file / folders ownership and permissions

Hello all !

I use Restic on several Windows servers, after doing a VSS snapshot. It works very well but I found that file permission and ownership metadata does not get fully stored with the files. Or maybe I missed some permission-restore switch in my restore command.

When I restore files owned by user A, user B and user C, they are just restored as normal user/full permission files. Same for folders.

Is that something that could be added in the future or it’s too complex to add to restic’s repo metadata ?

Thank you !

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If you mount and check permissions in the mount, what’s shown? Windows has a habit of applying permissions of the parent folder to whatever gets copied into said folder :slight_smile:

The “mount” command is unavailable in windows version of restic. On the Linux side, if I use the mount command on this Windows repo, everything is mounted as root (current user).