WIndows 10 to Linux SFTP - Passwordless Login?


I have Restic (Latest) on Windows 10 (latest updates applied - 2004 version) I have restic working fine to a Linux SFTP repository and now want to automate it - there are a number of OLD topics on using Plink to make this happen - is this still the recommended way or is there better support within Restic for nominating Private key files etc to use ?


Hello Craig

When I first tested Restic with Plink (2 years ago) I had many issues with it, mainly performance and stability. I ended up using OpenSSH in Windows directly for my SFTP connection, keys being stored in the admin’s .ssh folder. With recent Windows versions, it is even easier than before, as no “OpenSSH for Windows” external package is needed.

Just try “ssh” in an elevated command prompt and you’ll know if you have it. Make sure you generate your keys (ssh-keygen -t rsa) and provide you public key to the server’s authorized_keys file. You can set host, username and ssh ports of the remote server in the ~/.ssh/config file if you like. Once you can ssh <yourserver.fqdn> without password in the prompt, restic will also be good.

Hope that helps.

Hey - thanks for the reply - i have it running with Plink now following a couple of recipes on the forum - however it does feel clunky.

Will work through what you have suggested and see if i can put it together - if so i will move to that and write a recipe for the next guy coming along !