Will restic copy to a v2 repository compress data?

I’m using restic top perform off-site backups of an on site backup server which uses ZFS.

According to ZFS it’s about 518gb and Backblaze reports the bucket is about 460gb, so dedup is helping (there is a lot of repeated data, so expected).

However, ZFS also reports approx 30% compression ratio on the dataset. I’d like to try and leverage this if possible in restic.

Will doing a restic copy operation to a new backblaze repo compress the new data?

I’ve already upgraded the repo to v2 but I know this won’t compress existing data.

You don’t have to copy the repo. You can re-compress your exiting.

restic migrate upgrade_repo_v2 --compression max

restic prune --repack-uncompressed --compression max

See for example this thread: Restic compression not compressing almost anything for my repo

EDIT: Sorry, that was (maybe) not what you were wondering about. Or maybe it was, considering your last sentence. :slight_smile:


beauty, very helpful thread thanks. I did do a search but didn’t come across that.

That is was I was looking for. I want to compress my existing repo and reading through the release notes I was under the impression I needed to do a new backup (or copy).