Why do we need a daemonset for restic plugin. Why not a deployment

Team ,

Why we have implemented a daemon set for restic plugin . Why we cant go for a deployment Kubernetes object for this ?

Is it required to run on all nodes of the cluster ?


I guess you’re using Velero. That’s a question to ask to that project imho, since restic itself is just a single binary which does not implement anything like that as far as I know.

Yeah , I am using restic with velero to take backups of PVCs but by default it has a daemonset object of K8s cluster.

So if its not required to run on all Kubernetes nodes ,then there is no need to have daemonset for this .We can simply have a deployment K8s object for this

I don’t think anyone in this forum (except if a Velero developer is lurking around) can have any effect on this. You might want to ask this to Velero community.

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Sure ! thanks ! Created this - https://github.com/vmware-tanzu/velero/discussions/4132