When will restic come out of beta?

When will restic come out of beta, reaching 1.0, the alpha or stable release?

What additions will it include?

Why are you asking? As in, what practical relevance does it have, given that restic is highly usable and working just fine? FWIW it’s not labeled as “beta” software at all, so that’s not really the right word for it :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone can given you a useful answer as to when restic will be 1.0 and what additions it will include. It’s simply too speculative. Restic is still evolving in terms of features and getting lots of optimizations and improvements.


I was just curious, how long the numerical number 0.12 etc will go.

What I mentioned is from Wiki, that once a software becomes stable and production ready it goes to 1.0.

Yeah, I was a bit puzzled too: I hear restic is already used in production and is stable.

I can still give you a hint though! Compression will be in it!

Which wiki? You mean Wikipedia? Can you tell us where it’s stated that restic is beta?

No!! It does not say restic is in beta!

I meant, I looked up software semantic versioning convention in general:

and I read that software with a version number that starts with a leading 0 is in beta, and once it becomes stable and production ready, versioning changes to 1.0.

Does that make sense?


I was referring to the following items off the top of my head:

  1. Major version zero (0.y.z) is for initial development. Anything MAY change at any time. The public API SHOULD NOT be considered stable.

  2. Version 1.0.0 defines the public API. The way in which the version number is incremented after this release is dependent on this public API and how it changes.

Restic is already stable, high quality, and used by many organizations and companies. I just thought it should be 1.0 soon.

I see :slight_smile: Well it’s just not “finished” so to speak, but surely not beta quality. We’ll see what the future holds! :smiley:


Fact is that, according to semantic versioning, if you see 0.x.y you may think that some breaking changes could be freely introduced. So my fear is that if I backup with 0.x.y I, theoretically, may not be able to restore with 0.(x+1).y

There’s nothing to be fearful about. The repository format is very well defined, and it is the actual API that you need to make sure you can work with in the end. Save a copy of the design document if you are uncertain, there’s nothing wrong in doing so. You can also save a copy of the restic source code, which will enable you to build older versions of the software if you need to. But again, this is not something you need to be very concerned or worried about.

I usually save restic binary, til it reaches 1.0. Wouldn’t binary be enough? It runs on x86 hardware.

I think Restic is mature enough, and it’s time to get to 1.0 (Unless we have compression or error correction waiting to be added !!! ).

By the way, by design document, you mean the guide on restic website? Or there is another document?

I think we’re talking about the very same document, yeah. It’s referenced in multiple places, but here’s the location in the restic source code repository: restic/design.rst at master · restic/restic · GitHub