What's the best restic+rclone workflow (local, drive, dropbox repos)?

Guys hi

First of all thank you for restic! It’s amazing :slight_smile:

And question: I’d like my files to be backed up to 3 sources, what’s the best way to achieve it?

—Do i 1) Init 3 different repos?

restic -r E:/localBups init

restic -r rclone:Gdrive:GBups init

restic -r rclone:Dropbox:DBups init

and then back up each

restic -r E:/localBups backup C:/documents

restic -r rclone:Gdrive:GBups backup C:/documents

restic -r rclone:DropBox:DBups backup C:/documents

—Or do i 2) Init 1 repo and sync it to gdrive / dropbox?

restic -r E:/localBups init

rclone sync E:/localBups Gdrive:GBups

rclone sync E:/localBups Dropbox:DBups

I do #1, but if you don’t have or want to spend the resources for it, go for #2.

In the first case any undetected errors (highly unlikely) will have to occur in all three repo’s before you are totally out of luck.

In the second case, any undetected errors (highly unlikely) to the local backup will be propagated to the remote backups, so you could be totally out of luck.

The second case can be faster when there are substantial changes, but the first case should be faster (because of the cache) in most cases.

Personally I am using your first case.


Thank you for clear explanation of cons/pros.

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thanks for the awesome information.