What is the "standard procedure" to follow if a backup or restore is interrupted?

I have seen a lot of issues/questions about inconsistent indexes and use of rebuild-index and prune to make sure the restic repository is in a healthy state with no unneeded or redundant data, etc.

I have to admit, it’s not entirely clear to me what should be done in the case of interrupted backups or restores.

  1. What is the recommended procedure when restic backup is interrupted?
  2. What is the recommended procedure when restic restore is interrupted?

Assume a network link dies, but could be anything I guess. Drive is unplugged, etc.

Even after a backup or restore completes, what should be done to ensure the backup/restore is successful?

Thanks for any insight!

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Hm, I think you’re right, these cases aren’t explained in the manual. In addition, we need to rethink the error messages check prints. For example, the message “file <1234> is not referenced in any index” is not critical at all, it could easily be suppressed and the next run of prune will take care of it.

Just re-run the backup, it’ll pick up approximately where it left of. A small amount of duplicate data is left in the repo from the previous run, most already uploaded data is reused automatically. The next rune of check will likely print messages like the one above, the next run of prune will take care of the additional files.

Restart the restore process from the beginning in a new directory (or remove the files). There’s currently no resumption for restoring files. We may eventually add this, but it’ll require some complexity, and, to be honest, it’s down below somewhere on our todo list.

I hope this helps! I’d be happy to merge this in a PR, adding some text to the manual and/or improve the message check prints.


I’d be happy to merge this in a PR, […] improve the message check prints.

This will be addressed in

Great! Thanks for the info. That’s really helpful. :+1: Again, great job on restic. Thank you so much for it.

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Same problem; A restore that was taking 20 hours got inadvertently interrupted before completing.

Could I create a list of the ~60k files already restored files and use it as a huge --exclude-file list?

When restic restore is interrupted, does it delete any partially restored files during the clean-up?

Starting over from the beginning would be sad-face :cry:

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I’m interested in resuming interruped restores as well. Some of the backup files are quite large, especially for image backups.

Please up-vote features you’re interested in on the Github bug tracker. We don’t keep track of feature requests in the forum. (That’s not to say that we ignore them, but the Github issues are much better suited for that task).

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I’m a little bit new, where is this Github bug tracker for this feature?
Thank you

@Jarvar Make restore resumeable. · Issue #407 · restic/restic · GitHub