What happened to self-update on Ubuntu 24.04?

I used to use restic self-update, it is mentioned in the release blog for 0.16.4 and available under Ubuntu 22.04.

With a recent Ubuntu 24.04 installation, self-update is gone from the commands:

unknown command "self-update" for "restic"

I installed it via apt (not snap) from the command line.
I can answer the first part now, myself: Ubuntu removed self-update: https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/r/restic/restic_0.16.4-2/changelog I can’t find the mentioned issue so I can’t read the reasons behind, but I have to say, I find it rather intrusive to alter upstream programs that way.

Does anyone know why?

Most distros remove self-update functionality because it works against package management. As far as I can find, its the following commit patch that removes self-update in Ubuntu noble.

There is also a open bug report that references problems with self-update: restic version downgraded after package upgrade/reinstallation.

Arch Linux does the same: unknown command “self-update” for “restic” #4206

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