Well done Restic

One of my VPS providers gave a week’s notice he was closing down the VPS service. Previously this would have caused panic. This time, since I already had a script to backup to tar, I used it with restic and B2 to backup the 1GB VPS in about 5 minutes. Job Done!

Thanks devs, especially for the third-party connectivity, B2 in my case. I find I’m often impressed at the thoughful design and structure of the product. What could have been a pita turned out to be as simple to do as my local backups.


I agree, restic rocks, and amazing it is free.

I’d love to donate to the author(s) to show my appreciation, but I couldn’t find a link for donations. Unfortunately I don’t have the skills to help much with coding/testing, but I’d love to support those who can to help make this project even better.


Thanks for the praise! I love that my little side project helps so many people :slight_smile:

What you can do to help (and you don’t need to be a programmer to do that) is helping people with issues, being active in the forum, spreading the word about restic and maybe offer suggestions and improvements for the user interface and the documentation. That’s always something we programmers are not that good at :sunglasses:

I’ve written about accepting donations here: