Wasabi S3 upload / download usage

Sorry if this one is maybe a bit off-topic.
I am backing up about 15 servers with restic to wasabi buckets for some years now. The whole Wasabi account is only used with restic backups - no other usage for the buckets.

When looking into the billing section and clicking the billing period, you can see up/downloads per day there. I usualy had about 60GB uploads per day and about 10GB downloads.
Today I noticed that since 10th of august it doesn’t show up/downloads anymore. Only sometimes a few kbytes. That’s something that isn’t possible.

So I started to worry if maybe backups don’t work or restic wasn’t able to upload for some reason. So I checked some servers. But all looks good, daily snapshots are there. I even mounted a repo and restored some files that were changed yesterday - all looks good.

So I am starting to believe that there is some error on wasabis console.

Maybe some other wasabi user here could check his account and billing history to see if there is the same picture?

thanks and nice day :slight_smile: