Voting for feature requests

Hi there!

Is there currently any way for users to vote for feature requests?

I’ve found that some projects are using things like this (which allows Github issues integration) to collect feedback and keep track of vote count from users (though the free plan is probably not enough for Restic - just an example).

I’m wondering if there’s some official way to vote for feature-requests on Restic currently, so most-demanded or popular features (or bugs) can be prioritized.

Just an idea :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Oh! I’ve just seen that Github do allow to sort issues by :+1: reaction count. Maybe that’s the official or right way to emit a vote for Restic so it can be taken in consideration by project maintainers :sweat_smile:.

Yeah, using the “reactions” on GitHub with e.g. the thumbs up to indicate agreement is the way currently. Or thumbs down for disagreement.