Very slow restore from B2

Noob question. I backed up 5Gb or so of file to B2 and that worked fine.

When I tried a restore, progress was unusably slow - around 100kb/s. If I copy the repo to the local hard drive with the b2 cli I get a transfer rate of 50Mb/s, so it doesn’t look to be a problem on the wire.

I tried the restore with v0.9.1 and restic_v0.9.1-37-gbd742ddb, linux and macOS with the same result. Like this
./restic -r b2:mybucket:myrepo restore latest --target tmp

Is this a known problem? Am I doing it wrong?

ta, J

This seems to be a known issue. I suppose a new release which improves the restore speed can be expected in near future as the PR looks like it’s pretty much done.

Thanks. I also tried S3 with the same result. Do any of cloud storage backends have usable restore performance?

Judging from ifedorenko’s post this is a general issue with how the restore process works.