Using restic with velero


We are currently using velero (with the integration of restic) to backup our podvolumes. A major annoying problem that we are currently facing is that we can currently using istio service mesh which automatically injects containers (also with volumes and volume mounts) to the pods. Whenever we try to backup or restore we receive failures (more into the issue here Restoring pods in an Istio enabled namespace causes them to error · Issue #2997 · vmware-tanzu/velero · GitHub ) Is it possible by any chance (if it will come to editing and interacting with some files that restic generates ) to exclude some containers from pods when the backup/restore of podvolumebackups are happening?

Thanks in advance!

These are the options and ways you have to exclude files in restic: Backing up — restic 0.12.0 documentation

On a similar note, here’s the documentation for doing the opposite, explicitly including files:

So, however you are calling restic, that’s what you have to work with. How and if you can make use of that in your context of Velero is not something I know, and it’s not really a question for restic I suppose.