Uploading the same file with both connections? (Bug?)

Question. Should both connections be uploading the same TIF file? Is it working on segments of the same file? Or have I found a bug? Or a feature? lol

Hello @akrabu,

I’ve seen that too, and like with you, it happens here with large files like TIF.

I think it’s backing up in parallel two different parts of the same file. BUT, it could also be a bug in the display code (it’s easy to imagine there were two files being backed up, then the first finished and while restic was scanning for the next file to backup, it kept displaying the remaining one on the first line – without erasing the second line).

I tried to look it up in the source and made it so far as this call in the archiver code, but I’m no Go programmer so could not progress from there.

Let’s hear it from the wise ones – I’m curious about this too.

– Durval.

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