Upload Bandwidth Profile to B2


I’m in process of evaluating restic to replace rclone for remote backup to Backblaze B2. The latest rclone supports upload bandwidth profile. (e.g., --bwlimit “06:00,4M 18:00,6M 23:00,off”, where at 6:00AM, the BW is 4MBps, at 6:00PM, the BW is 6MBps and at 11:00PM, no BW limit). Our current service is 100Mbps up and down.

This bandwidth profile allows me to run the remote backup in the background without affecting the normal daily ops at work. I had to use this profile due to the amount of data being backed up takes multiple days. Our automated scripts are not set up to perform incremental or deduplicated backup. That’s the reason for investigating the move.

The real issue is the initial backup to B2. I don’t really need the time based profile. If I can limit the initial backup to use nominal BW, then I have time window in the evenings for subsequent backups.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Hi, welcome to the forum! The latest code in the master branch has an option --limit-upload that you can use to limit the upstream bandwidth. It’s not as fancy as rclone though.

You can download a pre-compiled binary here: https://beta.restic.net/?sort=time&order=desc

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll give it a go.

Hi. Had two days of testing the --limit-upload. The limit works as advertised. The only wonky thing is the BW limit unit. The help indicates KBps. When I set the limit to 5000 KBps (should equate to 40Mbps), I’m actually using ~55Mbps. Can you enlighten me on how the limit works?


The number you give to --limit-upload is in KiB/s, which means Kilobyte per second. When you pass 5000, restic tries to limit the upload to 5000KiB per second, which equals to 40 Megabit per second. So you got the numbers right.

I’ve also noticed that the limit for connections to B2 is not really exact. I can observe a small burst, followed by a pause. So over time the average bandwidth approaches 5000KiB/s.