Unexpected EOF with rest-server

I was trying to restore something on the order of 20GB from a repo behind the rest-server on a very slow connection, and I kept getting errors like this that would eventually stop the restore:

kyle@localhost:~$ restic -v -r rest:http://rest-server.url/ -p restic/pass
word.txt restore --target restic_restore --host other-hostname latest
repository 55eae29c opened successfully, password is correct
restoring <Snapshot 70920f86 of [/home/kyle] at 2021-07-07 08:15:02.8843669 +000
0 UTC by kyle@other-hostname> to restic_restore
ignoring error for /home/kyle/services/data/postgres/pg_wal/000000010000001E0000
005D: unexpected EOF
Load(<data/d07e51a10f>, 4465879, 0) returned error, retrying after 700.137574ms:
 unexpected EOF
ignoring error for /home/kyle/services/data/synapse/media_store/local_content/QS
/uc/zDTyECMaDQCjGppJWaJe: unexpected EOF
Load(<data/f0a7b438d6>, 3563953, 1066856) returned error, retrying after 749.136
906ms: unexpected EOF
Fatal: There were 2 errors

But it seems like I’m not encountering the same issue with a combination of restic mount and rsync. Any idea why that’s happening?

This looks like restore: Correctly handle partial pack download errors by MichaelEischer · Pull Request #3449 · restic/restic · GitHub . You could try whether a beta build of restic solves the issue for you. These are available at restic beta releases (/) or you can build restic yourself.

Or you could try whetherGODEBUG=http2client=0 helps as suggested in Corrupted restore when restoring over HTTP2 · Issue #3439 · restic/restic · GitHub .

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