Understanding root pattern in exclude flags

Suppose I want to backup /home/user/Documents into a repository called Docs. But I don’t want some subfolders in the Documents directory, say tmp and cache.

I then run:
restic -r Docs backup --exclude="/tmp" --exclude="/cache" $HOME/Documents

But both tmp and cache are getting backed up.

The documentation on excludes states: “Patterns are tested against the full path of a file/dir to be saved, even if restic is passed a relative path to save”. In your case you’ll need to use $HOME/Documents/tmp or tmp.

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Oh, I thought it was almost like .gitignore

Do you know how I can only exclude top-level directories?

Yes, like in the first of the two examples given.

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I was referring to excluding folders without explicitly giving the full path to the folders. Like in .gitignore where you give /tmp to ignore a tmp folder/file in root directory.

This isn’t currently possible. There’s an open feature request that you might like to subscribe to.