Understanding restic repository

I have few servers, each servers have few users
now, I creating script for backups using restic
the script is creating repository for each user

there is any A different preference for work with repository?
maybe one repository per server?
one repository for all the servers?
any security / management / performance preference?

since restic not do dedup there is any advantage for one repo?

any option to get list of repository for destination? or list of repositories per host?


Restic does dedup: link
So it would help to use same repository, at least size-wise.

This is something you need to consider. Using same repository can mean different users can reach (even remove) each other’s backup in your case. Of course it can be partially protected like read-only repositories (from the REST-Server if I remember correctly). Or even more granular IAM roles if you’re using S3-like storage etc.

There is sadly no notation of “repositories” in restic. Command checks the “-r” parameter or RESTIC_REPOSITORY environment variable to determine which repo to use, so there is no registry/list you can reach by default as I know.

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Hi gurkan,
thanks for your response!

since users have no permission to direct acces to the repo but only but our plugin and our plugin can limit the access, we can work with one repository per server.

now, as good as I see, the best option to split the data for users is to use tags
and I can assign snapshots for users home folders and each user have his own tag
but, I didn’t find any option to show list of tags (for example if I want to show admin the list of users for that have backups)
restic list tags has not valid command


That link points to a very old version of restic. Make sure to change it to this first: https://restic.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
@starnetwork You should be able to use restic --help to get you started. I find it more satisfying if folks actually use the documentation and read the help text of commands and see what is available.
Then if specific question arise we as a community can help out. But first you should do some work on your own :slight_smile: Not trying to be rude but encourage users to be self sustaining.

Hi moritzdietz,
thanks for your feedback!
I try to check things myself before writing and will do it also using restic --help

also, am very sorry if something was seen rude, am grateful to this great community help.

thanks again.