Unable to save snapshot: sftp

Hi there,

I was trying to use restic to backup my macbook’s data to a QNAP NAS, using a sftp repository.
When trying to create a “test” backup of my Documents folder (~1.6 GB), I’m getting this error after only a few seconds of scan time:

Fatal: unable to save snapshot: sftp: no space left on device

I’m struggling somewhat to find the reason for that and I’m wondering about whether this is the local or the remote device?
In any case, my local disk has hundreds of GB free disk space and there’s 3 TB free on the NAS.
restic cache shows a local cache that’s empty - since this would be the first backup.

I’M running with verbose=2 but unfortunately the error still doesn’t show exactly where restic attempts to save the snapshot.
Any ideas where I should start investigating?

I accidentally used the sftp:// url syntax and only one slash, which resulted in the repository being created on the NAS at a $HOME-relative path.
As the home for root is on some small system-partitiion (not the actual NAS HDDs), there wasn’t any space left for data.

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try to sftp directly to QNAP:

sftp user@QNAP.IP

then type df to see what is reported free space