Unable to create lock in backed: ciphertext verification failed

Server thats executing restic commands:
Ubuntu 18.04,5
Restic 0.8.3+ds-1

When i execute any restic command on my repository on this machine it gives the following output:
Fatal: unable to create lock in backed: ciphertext verification failed.

Other servers can backup to this repository just fine, ran a restic check from one of the other servers but it said the repository was fine.

Other servers that backup to this repo:
This is a mix of ubuntu and centos servers.

Worth mentioning:
All repositories have their own minio bucket on 1 central server.

There’s probably an incomplete lock file on the server. If you can ensure that no other restic process is accessing the repository, then restic lock --remove-all should help. Otherwise try to remove all lock files from the lock folder manually.

Btw, the restic version in Ubuntu is rather old, a recent version should work a lot faster.

it doesnt recognise lock as a command so i used unlock instead, i also wasnt able to do this on the client with the problems. so i did it from another server it said locks removed successfully. All other machines were and still are able to use the repository just fine.
Yeah an update is scheduled for the system after that a new version of restic can be installed.
Could the problem be that its running the rather old version?
is it possible to build a newer version on ubuntu 18? cause i looked for deb files but i already have the latest for ubuntu 18

Solved by downloading a newer binary still , should all servers that backup to the same repository be at the same version of restic ? or is this just a coincedence that the old 8.x version did not act as expected?

My guess would be that a lock file was uploaded incompletely for some reason and that the problem is not dependent on the restic version.

It’s advisable not to mix restic versions before and after 0.9.0 as the directory structure in the backup may change due to a rewritten backup cimmand.