Trouble backing up rclone mount

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I have a OneDrive (casual user), which I want to add to my backup. Therefore I followed the advice given in [1] and read [2].
But restic does not descend to the folder. It says it is empty. So therefore my question: What am I doing wrong? (Note, that this works very well on Linux, but I have to use Windows for this case.)

# Mount RClone, with rc for scripting and read-only since I d o not want to write using rclone
rclone mount OneDrive: C:\Users\myhome\test --read-only --rc --vfs-cache-mode minimal

# In an other terminal: 

restic.exe --verbose backup C:\Users\myhome\test --tag "ONEDRIVE" # Outputs stats with no file and 3 changed dirs

# Running it on one specific file does work: 
restic --verbose backup C:\Users\myhome\test\035.jpg 

And now I’m here and wondering what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions?

[2] Trouble on backing up remote cloud, saving to local


— the workaround: mount to a drive letter, not a dir.
perhaps restic cannot use a symbolic link as a source.

that is a bummer, as i always rclone.exe mount to a dir.

so i did a quick test. in this case, restic will use the x: drive.

rclone.exe mount onedrivevb:zork b:\rclone\mount\onedrivevb.zork
subst x: 

— if using --read-only, then --vfs-cache-mode minimal should not do anything.
as you are not writing to the mount.

as per rclone debug log,
when rclone mount to a dir, restic does not scan the mountpoint.

seems to be a known issue

Thank you for that! This very well fits my purpose and works as a charm. (Okey, it’s slow, but that may also be the “weird” setup.)


there are a number reasons for that
— onedrive has a lot of rate limiting, and personal is much worse then business.
as per rclone docs, should create a onedrive client_id.
tho with onedrive, that still might not make a difference.

yes, your mount is read-only, tho using a correct vfs file cache mode should help with reads.
so might try something like
rclone.exe mount OneDrive: x: --read-only --vfs-cache-mode=full --network-mode --buffer-size=0 --dir-cache-time=1000h

by the way, at the rclone forum, i am @asdffdsa

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