Total repository size


Is there a way to get the total size of the repository?
I’m using swift as the backend so I can’t check the size of a local dir for example.

Thank you.


would really like to see an easy command for this :slight_smile:

You could use rclone ncdu.

Ah, @mholt added a PR which has been merged in the meantime, it provides the restic stats command, so restic stats --mode raw-data should do what you want. :slight_smile:

This feature is not included in any released version yet, you can either compile restic yourself, or download a beta binary from here:

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And docs for the restic stats command are here:

Oh sweet, thank you, I’ll just wait it out for an official release, great to have it coming! :smiley:

Here you go:


I missed your lightning speed yesterday :smile:

Thank you!