Thank You and Kudos

So, I thought I would just drop a note on here to state how truly, truly, truly, impressed I am with restic. It is extremely well designed from both a usage as well as operational viewpoint. The more I learn about it, the more little things I discover that are delightful.

Apart from the main/obvious features — the fast, reliable, robust, incremental, deduplicating backups — the single most important aspect of restic that, IMHO, sets it apart from anything else out there is the ability to write to such an incredible variety of backends natively. Nothing else lets me easily and without too much moving parts write to and S3 or B2 remote backend with just a switch of an URL. This is truly excellent!

Then there are all the little-but-not-so-little things that is easy to take for granted because it all works so well in the background: the handling of conflicting operations, multiple independent hosts writing to the same repo, etc. etc.

So, all in all, just wanted to say “THANKS” and “KUDOS” to the developers and community. Your work is greatly appreciated and, I would say, also critical.

P.S. I’ve blogged about setting up restic as a backup system here.
I am still trying to fine tune the system itself, particularly integrating the actual backups with other maintenance operations such as pruning/forgetting, checking etc.
Will update it as soon as things have been ironed out.


I would like to second the part about the good design and engineering of restic. It seems like @fd0 focuses on the hard, fundamental things first, which lays a good foundation for crucial software.

I also applaud the choice to use Go for restic, which makes it a breeze to compile and distribute to various platforms without needing external dependencies (except for certain features like fuse mounts, but that’s to be expected).

It’s awesome that you’re having such a positive experience using restic; we all owe a lot of thanks to Alexander and our time/contributions to the project.


I agree with everything said above. I too am grateful for all of the time and hard work that has been put into Restic. It has been a great solution for my needs and not having to worry about dependencies is a big plus.

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I suppose this is a thread where “me too”:s aren’t discouraged, so here’s mine! :slight_smile:

I’ve just set up backup with restic using both a usb drive and Backblace B2, and it was all fairly straightforward. Both the documentation and command interface instils confidence in restic. Easy to install, fast, efficient. I’m greatful and happy. Thanks!