Testing Envoirement

Hi, I need to save a daily backup for the last 7 days and a backup of the last 4 weeks a backup for the last 12 months, and a backup of the last 10 year, in summary:

1 backup daily for the last 7 past days
1 backup weekly for the last 4 weeks
1 backup monthly for the last 12 past months
1 backup annually for the last 10 years

I see that restic can do it but my question is there is some page or some way in order to test it or I must wait for weeks(or years) and see if restic is doing what I want?

Restic allows to set a specific date and time when creating backups by using the --time flag (see restic backup --help). You can use this in a bash script (or whatever you prefer) to create a bunch of backups. Then you can test your policies by adding the --dry-run flag to restic forget.