"target" seems to mean the source data

I always thought restic --force re-reads from the repository but it seems I misunderstood the word “target” in “restic help backup”. For me a target is rather a destination but not a source.

Since that help text already mentions “source data” elsewhere, could you please not use the word “target” but rather “source”? Like

force re-reading the source files/directories
last snapshot in the repo that has the same source files/directories

IMHO that would make it clearer and more consistent.

You could even do

restic backup [flags] SOURCE [SOURCE] …

then define what SOURCE is and only use the word “source” in the rest of the help text

Problem is that the source code always uses the term “TARGET” so the source code should probably also be adapted.

If there is a chance for this to be accepted I could prepare a pull request

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Could you open a Github issue for that discussion? I agree that the backup help text should at least not use “source” and “target” to mean the same. “data to backup” would also be an option that is already used in a few places.

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