Switching Restic Backup Servers


I use Restic to backup a local NAS to another NAS share on a different device. Both shares are mounted on a Linux SBC and that SBC then backups on the production NAS to the backup NAS. This has worked well, but I have decided to adjust the configuration and specifically, move to a new SBC.

I did the following:
Mount the two NAS shares on the new SBC with the same paths as on the old server. Run the same bash script on the new one that I used on the old one to run the backup and expire retained data. However, this raises the question:

The backups are working, but I am not sure if retention is working properly. Specifically, I would like Restic to apply the retention policy to the underlying data even though it is now being backed up by a new host. (e.g. my limit of 14 dailies should apply to all fourteen copies of my data regardless of which host originally backed it up.) However, I see a new list of backups with the name of the new host, and it appears that the data written by the old host is not being expired. Is that how it should work? I do not fully understand how Restic handles scenarios like this. Can you someone help educate me?

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After searching the forum, I found the solution in this post. In short, I just needed to add “–group-by path” to my expiration code. I am running that now.

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