Swap to rclone backend from b2

I’ve just re-installed a PC, and I’m wanting to backup to the same repository on backblaze b2 as I had previously. I seems to be taking a very very long time to do its initial backup. In contrast the backup to a NAS via rest-server only took a few minutes.

Can I change to the rclone backend and have it point at my existing backblaze b2 repository? Will this work? Or in other words, can I safely swap between “restic native” and rclone backends to an existing repository?

There shouldn’t be any problems when switching between backends. The repository layout is identical across all backends.

Does restic show any output during the initial backup to B2? Are you able to access the repository on B2? How large is the data to backup?

Thanks for confirming that I can swap backends!

I ran restic backup with --verbose=3 and -o b2.connections=30 and this is the output after ~11hours:

open repository
repository ******* opened successfully, password is correct
lock repository
load index files

The data to backup is not large, the same dataset to a restic server backend finished quickly, with the following summary: (processed 1582 files, 90.299 MiB in 0:28)

I haven’t opened the repository on this machine to list snapshots etc, though looking at backblaze there is about 435GB in the data/ folder, 246.7MB in the index, 476 bytes in the keys, and 138.1 Kb in locks, and 5.9Mb in the snapshots folder.

It looks like restic is either stuck downloading the repository index or searching for a snapshot to use a parent for the backup. How many snapshots do exist in the repository?

If you’re using a unixoid operating system please send a SIGQUIT signal to restic (for example by pressing ctrl+/). This will terminate restic and print a stack trace of what it’s been doing.

The locks folder seems to be rather large large, for performance it could help to run restic unlock to clean it up a bit. Which restic version are you using?

Did you have any luck with this in the end @icedtoast?

I’ve been meaning to do the same. (In order to get free in/egress via Cloudflare. Support custom B2 endpoints · Issue #2300 · restic/restic · GitHub)