Support multiple parents #3121

It seems that someone has put a lot of effort into this Pull Request:

Support multiple parents #3121

This has been rebased 4 times, but was never reviewed.

Any reasons as to why there don’t seem to be any review comments on the PR?

There are several reasons, but the obvious ones are that restic is developed and maintained in peoples’ spare time, not paid working hours, like many other open source projects, and that this PR is simply one of those that has not been reviewed yet. Tons of other work has been done and this particular PR has simply not been a priority. You can see the current roadmap for restic here: Roadmap for restic 0.17 to 0.19

What is prioritized is depending on many different factors, including code quality/ease of review, time available, what the maintainer is curious about and keen to work on, features and bugs, etc. Reviewing is done very thoroughly and is usually not something that can be done in a short period of time. Many PRs also need careful thought, oftentimes even before reviewing.

Generally speaking, asking why something has not been done is rather moot in this setting. There’s nothing about this particular PR that is making it dismissed. It’s just not been done yet, whereas other work has been.

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