Sub-repositories in rest-server

As of rest-server v0.10.0, the “feature” to have sub-repositories was removed. As requested in the release notes, I’m making a post on the forums :).

My use-case is to easier support multiple repositories. I’ve build a plugin for DirectAdmin to integrate with Restic. Each server has it’s own HTTP user, and there is an option to have a repository for each user on that server - instead of the default, a repository per server.

I build this option a while ago, because some servers had thousands of users - resulting in even more snapshots (as we were saving ~60 days and a snapshot per user, per day). This brought down the performance so much, that I decided to add the option to automatically generate a repository for each user using the - now removed - “feature”.

I thought it was officially supported before, as it was mentioned in the README aswel. Would the open PR 112 bring this feature back, or should I attempt to implement something simular?



I’d also appreciate if sub-repositories would be added back again.


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I’ve been looking into it, and it seems the PR already open will most likely implement this. :slight_smile: Fingers crossed it’ll be released soon.